Standard terms and conditions for tutors

November 2016

What you can expect from The Curious Thing:

  • Great communication and liaison with attendees, both before and after booking
  • Help to develop a class description that will maximise sign ups, and great marketing to give each class the best chance of selling well
  • Clear, efficient and honest communication
  • An upfront agreement about fees, and efficient management of bookings and payments
  • Support to make sure the class runs smoothly
  • Support to find a venue, and help with other logistics of classes


What The Curious Thing expects of tutors:

  • A commitment to looking after each class attendee to give them an experience that is fun, engaging, inspiring and informative
  • Fair fees that seek to reward tutors whilst keeping classes affordable
  • Flexibility to refine class content and logistics in partnership to help classes sell well
  • Clear, efficient and honest communication
  • Support with marketing of classes via your own networks
  • Collaboration to ensure that classes are delivered safely, and that risks are considered and – as far as possible – mitigated in advance
  • A named tutor to deliver the classes, and contingency plans in case of illness or other issues


Terms and conditions:

  1. The Curious Thing pays tutors a fixed fee, agreed in advance of classes taking place. Where costs will be incurred for materials, venue hire and / or travel expenses, these must be agreed prior to the class booking being confirmed.
  1. Tutors are paid in one instalment; typically one-two weeks after classes take place. This is to enable us to take payment from attendees and resolve any issues following the class’s completion. Payment is typically made by bank transfer – please provide us with the relevant details.
  1. Occasionally, we may be able to make a small advance payment where tutors will incur preparation costs that they would otherwise struggle to cover. Please ask in plenty of time if this applies to you.
  1. If complaints regarding the tutor are recorded from class attendees we reserve the right to refund attendee(s) fees, and to deduct these costs from a tutor’s fee. This will never happen without consulting the tutor first.
  1. We aim to book classes in plenty of time, and to keep tutors updated with regard to class uptake. Occasionally, if attendance rates are very low, or for other reasons, The Curious Thing may take the decision to cancel a class. If this happens, we will let tutors know as soon as possible, and aim to reschedule the class where possible.
  1. If a cancellation is made by The Curious Thing, and a reschedule cannot be agreed, we will pay a proportion of the agreed fees, as follows:
  1. More than two weeks’ notice: 30% of agreed fees
  2. More than one but less than two weeks’ notice: 60% of agreed fees
  3. Less than one week’s notice: 100% of agreed fees
  1. The Curious Thing is a social enterprise, which reinvests all profits in providing free of charge classes to people who have struggled in formal education. As a new social business, we must aim to balance a wide and diverse range of classes with the objective to make profit to reinvest in social aims. Our relationships with tutors are vital, and we aim to work flexibly, collaboratively, and in partnership. Please ask if you are unsure about any aspect of these terms, or if you need something different from us.